Ambulance catches fire in Malaysia as healthcare facilities are put under the microscope

Ambulance catches fire in Malaysia as healthcare facilities are put under the microscope

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An ambulance carrying four hospital staff caught fire in Kuala Kangsar yesterday night, while in relation to recent incidents, the MOH has dismissed calls for reintroduction of the ban on cellphones in ICUs.
28 Oct 2016 - General
This is an unfortunate incident, but luckily no one got hurt. If a patient were inside, that would have been even more catastrophic. I have always been concerned of fires. Maybe I got it from my mom who is crazy paranoid of fires. I wonder what really caused the ambulance fire. On the subject of "gadgets" in the ICU and hospital equipment, I don't really know how dangerous it is. But if it needs to be revisited and explored, it ought to be done, I think. Also, I think everyone just...
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That was indeed unfortunate but its great no one was even injured. By the way in Malaysia suddenly accidents are happening together as if co-ordinated! Thats weird . Any way i think we should not panic at such incidents and wait for the investigation to take place and then follow the precaution that are advised. After all accidents do happen , especially in this age of such sophisticated appliances and machinery. And living in Pakistan has made me learn one simple rule that the electronic media ...
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Good thing no lives has been taken from this incident. A very dangerous incident and again from Malaysia. Alarming news are coming from Malaysia nowadays from the healthcare supplies, security issues of practicing professionals and up to security of patients and hospital ameneties too. Or it just happened that I've been reading news more on the Malaysian government. I hope that the investigation gets a little faster for them to figure out what is the real cause of the incident. If cellphones...
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Bad news, fortunately no one was injured. We should always do a root cause analysis and investigate what could have been the problem and avoid such things from happening in future. The theory of smartphone causing ignition does not hold truth at all now. "Studies have been carried out worldwide, and most of them have shown no problem related to the use of handphones in Intensive Care Units, Cardiac Care Units or even in operating theatres," But this would bring another topic of questio...
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