Pharmacists: How you can create a powerful portfolio

Pharmacists: How you can create a powerful portfolio

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It is important for pharmacists to understand how to start building their portfolio from the very first day, so as to ace their interviews and clinch that dream job.
28 Oct 2016 - General
The article is quite a helpful guide, especially for pharmacists and other health care professionals who have just graduated and are looking for their first job as a health care professional. A portfolio should showcase your best points, but as the other commenters mentioned, it shouldn’t be overly smart that it would take a lot of pages. Remember that hiring managers screen through a lot of submissions, so the first few pages of your portfolio alone should be impressive enough to catch their at...
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Creating a portfolio can be an example of marketing or advertising your skills and talents which are an essential criterion in this age. The portfolio contains a jist of qualities, achievements, professional successes which can increase the chance of getting a job or impressing an investor if starting a business. The ideas and tips mentioned in this article are really helpful I believe that it is important to present the ideas but not to overdo it. Moreover, web portfolios are also trending thes...
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