5 alternative male contraceptives set to hit the market in 2018

5 alternative male contraceptives set to hit the market in 2018

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For many decades, the only form of birth control for men is condoms. Both men and women are constantly looking for alternatives and scientists now have some promising methods.
28 Oct 2016 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz world population has experienced a continuous growth past decades. To control population contraceptives beneficial but the easy methods not available till date. I am happy to see research on contraceptives going on and coming soon to public. I want to know you about Vasalgel. In this article author stated that Vasalgel approved by FDA. I searched with US FDA but it is not approved. Can you able ...
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Well these are novel concepts and I am very much curious at how this will be accepted by the general public. I am certain that most patriarchal societies will be averse to this form of contraception, especially if they have to undergo a procedure (as what was described for Vasalgel). And I also wonder how women will empower themselves encourage their partners to try these new agents. I believe that these will be helpful in controlling the problem in population growth, and I hope that these will ...
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There are urging global need for reproductive planning with the current nearly 8 billion’s population on Earth. Consequently, the need for various contraceptive options not only for women but also for men has become stronger than ever. Unlike women, men don’t have cyclic hormonal changes nor a pregnancy like condition when their hormones do the job to halt ova production that can be externally supplied by pills to make contraception. The male contraceptives to be approved...
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