Racism in medicine: An 'open secret'

Racism in medicine: An 'open secret'

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After a family member in her hospital said "I don't want a Jewish doctor," one pediatrician set out to study discrimination against physicians. Here's what she found.
28 Oct 2016 - General
Oh my, the story about the doctor in the Delta flight, that was awful. But I know those things happen all the time, all over the world, and sometimes I feel lucky to be here in my own country. I mean, there is still some kind of "labeling" here but I what if I was a Fiipino dentist in another country and someone just refused my treatment because of my race, that would definitely break me. It must really be a daily struggle for health workers in a foreign land. I could only imagine, wha...
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Oh racial discrimination. Another wonderful pet peeve of mine. I have experienced my share of discrimination. When I was shadowing doctors in the US, when people find out I am Filipino there is this change in air with some as they then see me as a doctor from a developing country. Ignorance namely is what surrounded this. I believe I mentioned here before on how I asked an elderly caucasian how he was doing and instead of answering my question he responded by saying, "what are you?!" T...
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Marinelle Castro I guess racial discrimination changes its face from country to another. It can express itself in many ways including discrimination against anything different. In some countries like USA or other European countries, not being blonde and blue eyed maybe enough to ignite racial discrimination. I, myself, am Caucasian and I am a Middle Eastern national carrying Islamic Arabic name. I have read many...
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This is a very sensitive topic that I think is worth talking about. For the longest time, Asians have suffered from countless discriminatory remarks. I'm just wondering if any of the community members here had a similar experience that was encountered by the doctors in the article. I am still appalled by the fact that people think that there is a racial advantage when it comes to intelligence and good job performance. Thankfully I have never been a victim of such, but in case it happens, I w...
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