Racism in medicine: An 'open secret'

Racism in medicine: An 'open secret'

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After a family member in her hospital said "I don't want a Jewish doctor," one pediatrician set out to study discrimination against physicians. Here's what she found.
28 Oct 2016 - General
Oh my, the story about the doctor in the Delta flight, that was awful. But I know those things happen all the time, all over the world, and sometimes I feel lucky to be here in my own country. I mean, there is still some kind of "labeling" ...
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Oh racial discrimination. Another wonderful pet peeve of mine. I have experienced my share of discrimination. When I was shadowing doctors in the US, when people find out I am Filipino there is this change in air with some as they then see me as a do...
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Marinelle Castro I guess racial discrimination changes its face from country to another. It can express itself in many ways including discrimination against anything different. In some cou...
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This is a very sensitive topic that I think is worth talking about. For the longest time, Asians have suffered from countless discriminatory remarks. I'm just wondering if any of the community members here had a similar experience that was encoun...
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