A new way of preventing diabetes mellitus!

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28 Oct 2016 - General

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is characterized by high blood glucose levels and impaired production of insulin hormone in pancrease. In a new study, researchers have found that administration of glucose intra venously in a pulsatile manner could improve the insulin secretion by the pancrease. Hence it will be helpful to prevent having diabetes mellitus in the future. There is an impairment of insulin clock with diabetes mellitus. But after administration of insulin in a pulsatile manner the researchers have revealed that then the insulin clock has got restarted. And the islets which have started to secrete insulin have the ability of recruiting the other islets to secrete insulin. This will be a good step in preventing diabetes melltus in high risk patients.

Yes of course that is true theoritically. But if someone presents with impaired glucose tolerance the particular person should be advised to practice a safe dietary record to prevent the person hyperglycaemic. Practicing good dietary habits play a ma...
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Of course you are correct. Diabetes mellitus is a major cause of death all over the world and it's prevalence is very high. Consumption of fast food and the other unhealthy dietary habits are the main causes for increasing the risk of having diab...
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Very promising! These findings give us a great idea about the reduced insulin production that occurs in type 2 diabetes. It is well established in the guidelines of diabetes type 2 that lifestyle modification is essential to control glucose levels. B...
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