The pattern of illicit drug use in Malaysia

The pattern of illicit drug use in Malaysia

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Illicit drug use is a matter of grave concern around the world. Although the government has been persistently campaigning against this problem, permanent solutions for illicit drug use remain as elusive as ever.
28 Oct 2016 - General
Madhubabu kaaja It has been a global problem since the 60s. The use of drugs, particularly cocaine, was further thrust in the 1980s when Pablo Escobar and his cartel shipped drugs to Miami and New York. Watching the series narcos can be quite an eye opener on how much drugs were consumed annually. They were shipping 300 plus metric tons a year. Drug use is as more common than what we first believed. ...
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Substance abuse is a worldwide problem. In fact, I never realized the magnitude of this problem in my own country until our President took active advocacy against it. Unfortunately, based on his assessment, drug addiction is pandemic in our country. I was surprised to see countless users, abusers, and pushers admit that they have this problem when our government strengthened its efforts in combating this problem. Compared to what was mentioned in the article, the most common illicit drug that is...
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