What Do We Say To A Dying Patient? | Scope Blog

What Do We Say To A Dying Patient? | Scope Blog

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A fourth-year medical student shares his experience caring for a heart patient.
28 Oct 2016 - General
It must be really challenging to deal with a patient that you know is dying. Should you be nice and offer hope, but what do you achieve with this really? Should you show compassion and support that he can hold on to, but wouldn't that be acknowledging death as an end point? As a Christian, I would want to prepare that person for his end, but I would be careful in case he is not going to be accepting. I mean, what else should you talk about but rather be shallow about the day-to-day events an...
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Actually, there is not much to be said to a dying patient. If they are well aware of their prognosis, the best thing that the medical team can do is to keep him comfortable by attending to all his needs. Its also important to listen to what he wants to say. There are a lot of patients who know that they are in their dying bed, and they prefer to recount stories from their life. When this happens, despite our busy schedules, I believe that we should take the time in listening to these patients. B...
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