Poor state of healthcare among Indigenous Peoples

Poor state of healthcare among Indigenous Peoples

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“We really need doctors, not just to help us when we make mistakes but also we need doctors to help the lumad.”
28 Oct 2016 - General
Last weekend I went up to the mountains of Mindoro and served the Mangyan tribes, (specifically the Iraya). I recently signed with a Christian missionary group and they have been doing similar work as EJ, but for the Mangyans. It's a different experience. The team I am a part of called, Team Jesus, is partnered with the military. In the mountains and in NPA-infested areas in Mindanao, I think it is good to be partnered with the military because you'll need them for security, mobilization...
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It has gotten to an embarrassing point whenever I say in a post that the Philippines' healthcare system is something that is not to be desired. Indigent patients really need proper medical attention because they have no access to basic needs such as steady source of electricity let alone a medical doctor. They are still living in a rich, unfiltered culture where way of life and thinking are a far cry from the modern society's. This group needs doctors to stay there with them and so far t...
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About 370 million indigenous peoples living in more than 70 countries worldwide. They represent a rich diversity of cultures, religions, traditions, languages and histories. The health status of indigenous peoples varies significantly from that of non-indigenous population groups in countries all over the world. Born into indigenous families often live in remote areas where governments do not invest in basic social services. Indigenous youth and children have limited or no access to health care,...
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Our healthcare system has a lot of room for improvement. One of these is access to a quality healthcare service. This is not only a problem for the indigenous tribes but for other provincial areas as well. I think what makes the magnitude of this problem more dramatic among the lumad tribes are the difficulty of supplying healthcare facilities in the area. Like what the article mentioned, there are militants that are present in those areas, which is also the reason why a lot of physicians are he...
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