Male teens with high BP and high HR are prone to have mental disorders!

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28 Oct 2016 - General

A new research involving one million men in Sweden has found that there is a link to men's mental health and increased heart rate and blood pressure in late adolescence to obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia and to the anxiety disorders. It has been found that male teenagers with a resting heart rate above 82 beats per minute have a 69% increased risk of having obsessive compulsive disorder later. And they have a 21% increased risk of having schizophrenia and 18% increased risk of having anxiety disorders compared to those who are with a resting heart rate below 62 beats per minute. Anyhow regular exercising will reduce the both, blood pressure and the heart rate decreasing the above mentioned risk.

Thank you for your opinions on this topic. I thought of sharing my experience. I had a friend who was very close to me at my school time selected a different path for the higher studies. Later he became an engineer. He had metabolic disorders in the school time too and along with that he head high blood pressure as well. About 4 years back he was so isolated from the society. Then I found what has happen. Badly he has got obsessive compulsive disorder with suicidal thoughts. 2 years back he had ...
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The adolescent period is the time where an individual is trying to figure out who he/she is. It is expected that there is an additional surge of energy during the growing years. This energy has to be channeled into positive and productive activities that promote camarederie and civic work , such as physical activity, participation in clubs and groups, and doing charity work, that prevent overthinking and feeling confused about oneself. This finding about increased hear ra...
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