Nurses: Tips on juggling both motherhood and nursing studies

Nurses: Tips on juggling both motherhood and nursing studies

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Balancing your role as a nursing student and a mother can be challenging, but ultimately rewarding.
29 Oct 2016 - General
I am not a mother (yet) so I cannot speak as one, but I think that motherhood is not an easy task, that's why I am always in awe of mothers who are able to manage their hectic lifestyles as if it is a mere walk in the park--when you know that the reality is far from it. Just recently I was interviewed and one of the questions asked of me was, "Can a woman have a career and be a mother at the same time?" and I said, Yes because I've seen my mother doing it when I was growing up ...
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Like Priscilla Mae Gobuyan I also admire mothers who are able to juggle their studies and their duties. I have witnessed some colleagues who are still in training despite their pregnancy and motherhood. Its just admirable to see them take on the responsibility. Usually nursing mothers have to let out their milk every 4-6 hours, and it can really get tough especially if you are sleep deprived. I think it is reall...
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Parents in the healthcare professional are really impressive in juggling between professional and personal life. This craft of ours hinges on having adequate up-to-date knowledge to make other people's health better. Thus, we must be really reading for an hour or two most days of the week to ensure that we perform to the highest standards. I am a parent too and I have to be honest in saying that the first month took a lot of adjustments. My tip will be to always have a positive mindset. Don&...
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I salute those mothers out there who is able to balance between motherhood and their nursing career especially during college days. We all know that studying nursing itself is a very tough profession and consumes all your energy and time just for studying and even completing scrubs. I don't have any classmates who were able to be in this kind of position because as a Catholic nursing school, we don't allow this kind of circumstances. Only what I can hear from other institution is that th...
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