29 October- World Stroke Day!

29 October- World Stroke Day!

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World Stroke Day is observed on 29 of October to underscore the serious nature of the disease, raise awareness about prevention and treatment and ensure care and support for survivors. Stroke is the second leading cause
29 Oct 2016 - General
Thanks for the post. I really forgot it. Stroke is a leading cause of death nowadays. Even few years ago infectious diseases was leading cause of death in Bangladesh. But now, stroke has acquired the top position. In dhaka medical college hospital, more than ten patients with stroke is admitted per day. Most of them are above 50 years old and a major portion of them are diabetic and smoker. But the alarming fact is that, many young patients, aged less than 30 years come with stoke occasionally. ...
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Ironically, I was not aware that it was stroke day until I read this article! My specialty gives me the privilege of providing care for patients who are suffering from this condition. Stroke remains to be one of the top causes of morbidity worldwide. There are a lot of risk factors for stroke, but in my opinion, patients who are poorly compliant to anti-hypertensive and oral hypoglycemic treatment for diabetes are at high risk of acquiring this illness. Adequate blood pressure control decreases ...
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Stroke has become a one of the most leading causes of death worldwide. As a vascular accident, it has the all risk factors which are mentioned under the cardio vascular accidents as well. With the unhealthy life style, fast food consumption and unwanted things in our meals have increased the risk of having high cholesterol levels in blood increasing the risk of atherosclerosis. High blood pressure and the complications of diabetes mellitus also play a major role in exaggerating those accidental ...
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Stroke is a sudden and devastating illness. However, many people are unaware of its widespread impact. There are 15 million people worldwide suffer a stroke yearly. About six million die and another five million are left permanently disabled. Stroke is the second leading cause of disability, after dementia. Disability may include loss of vision and / or speech, paralysis and confusion. Globally, stroke is the second leading cause of death above the age of 60 years, and the fifth leading cause o...
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Fedelic Ashish Toppo thank you for sharing this article, it is good to know that the awareness is spreaded in this day about stroke, symptoms of stroke are:
* Confusion, including trouble with speaking and understanding
* Headache possibly with altered consciousness or vomiting
* Numbness of the face, arm or leg, particularly on one side of the body
* Trouble with seeing, in one or both eyes
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It is good to raise awareness about the possibly fatal disease. Early recognition, regardless of whether the cerebrovascular disease(CVD) is caused by an infarct or hemorrhage, will save a patient's life. Immediate consult can determine whether surgical management or anticoagulation can be done to reduce the area affected by CVD. Early consult will reduce the impact of disability for a stroke survivor. It is also pertinent to let the public know that a transient ischemic attack (TIA) or mild...
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World stroke day will be a good way to promote the public awareness about stroke. Stroke is a serious debilitating medical illness, that can result in severe disability or even death. It is a “brain attack”, that can result in a variety of symptoms like inability to speak, inability to move right or left side of body, affecting the eyesight, affecting the balance, affecting the sensation, coordination and etc. It is a preventable disease. Healthy lifestyle, with regular exercise and good diet, ...
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There are two types of stroke - aka cerebral vascular accident. One is ischemic stroke which is mentioned by @[Fedelic Ashish Toppo] which is due to the blood supply to certain part of the brain being compromised from a clot or severe atherosclerosis that reduces the amount of nutrients delivered to that portion of the brain. This is can be caused by embolus in the form of blood clot, bacteria, air, or even fat. This type may require thrombolysis within 3 hours of onset, anticoagulation or percu...
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