American hospitals misreport deaths resultant from superbug infections

American hospitals misreport deaths resultant from superbug infections

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It appears that thousands of Californians have succumbed to infections contracted whilst in hospital which was not reported on their death certificates, leading to a lack of official documentation of the carnage caused by the superbugs.
29 Oct 2016 - General
A unified national surveillance system is much needed to make it possible to count the number of drug-resistant infections and fatalities. For example, the CDC added codes for use in the United States for terrorism-related deaths a year after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. It could do the same for deaths from drug-resistant infections. CDC is already working to incorporate the codes into the WHO’s next revision of the international classification system. The revised system is expected to be comple...
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Errors in medical documentation is really a problem, not only in the United States but everywhere. In areas wherein managed care predominates the healthcare industry, insurance claims are based on medical codes. However, these medical codes are imperfect, and they lack the specific diagnostic nosology for certain illnesses (like what was mentioned in the article). Standardization of diagnostic classifications are important in record-keeping because it would be difficult to track back epidemiolog...
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Hmm, this is quite scary and alarming! I have to agree to some extent with the mother mentioned in the article that doctors have the ability to write whatever they want. This includes not mentioning a killer infection. The statistics of underreporting these infections as causes of death are shockingly high. In the same time, government agencies remain unwilling or unable to impose reporting requirements on a healthcare industry that often hides the problem. Drug-resistant...
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