A new male contraceptive injection is 96% effective in human tests

A new male contraceptive injection is 96% effective in human tests

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Scientists trialling an experimental injected form of male contraception have shown that it's almost completely effective in preventing pregnancies – getting us closer to finally having a male equivalent to female contraceptives like the pill and...
30 Oct 2016 - General
Thank you for this update on medical breakthrough concerning contraception, Theekshana Abayawickrama . I have reservations about males receiving contraception though. It states in the study that sperm production is affected by the injectable contraceptive. More than half of infertility cases have been known to point to males as the cause. An increase in use of contraceptives through this route by males would most ...
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Soon enough there will be a day that women get to ask men the question "Are you on the pill?" before engaging in sexual activities! :D For as far as I know, the only available contraceptive methods for men were temporary barrier methods like condoms or permanent contraception by means of surgical or chemical castration. This new hormonal injection has been shown to effective in 94% of the cases in prevention of unwanted pregnancies. I would still recommend a condom if one is having int...
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