Medical Mystery: Is it possible to survive without food?

Medical Mystery: Is it possible to survive without food?

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A small segment of society believe that it is possible for humans to live without food, and they call themselves 'Breatharians'. While the medical community does not necessarily completely agree with their beliefs, this micro trend does not seem to have abated at all.
30 Oct 2016 - General
I cannot and will never live like as a Breatharian too. I just couldn't imagine living without taking anything. This will gonna make us sick! I couldn't imagine what kind of thinking is this of not having anything food nor water, just to prove that human can live without it? Our body and senses will eventually deteriorate if we don't take anything. No nourishment for the organs will loss its function soon. I think this is not a good idea to keep on studying more and more just to prov...
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I cannot live as a BREATHARIAN--it is impossible unless perhaps someone locks me and subjects me to starvation, but if it's going to be according to my own will, it won't happen. When I fast in church, that's a week, and it's merely trimming down meals. I haven't attempted a liquid fast. I don't think I can survive with just water for a week, let alone to live like that. Survive on sunlight alone? Ha! Food is too good. I do believe that people can survive without food an...
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