Mulberries help in reducing fat!

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30 Oct 2016 - General

A new study has revealed that a natural compound in mulberry helps weight reduction by reducing the fat content of our bodies. That compound is known to activate brown fat and the activation of the brown fat is well known in increasing the basal metabolic rate in the body. And having mulberries has added benefits too. It helps to reduce the cholesterol levels and there is an improvement of diabetic patients reducing blood sugar levels. It is known that mulberries have the quality of reducing the risk of having cancers as well. I am pretty sure that identified compound will appear in managing these conditions in the near future.

Rajinda Asalage Rutin an active compound helps in reducing fat from obese patients. This study to helpful for people prevention from obese related diseases diabetes and cardiovascular disea...
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I am a lover of all types of berries. However, unfortunately, not all types of berries are available in every country. I like to add blueberries to the oatmeal and have it in breakfast. The black mulberry is a great fruit with many benefits. The pulp...
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