Ghost encounters in the hospital

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31 Oct 2016 - General

I know that this topic has been previously discussed in the earlier months of the community, but since a lot of new members has been added, I'd like to re-visit this topic. We all know that halloween is just around the corner, and I am pretty sure that to a certain extent you have heard of ghost stories inside hospital facilities that made you cringe. Some are urban legends, and some have been experienced first hand by your colleagues, or even by yourself. Do you have any ghost or spooky encounters inside the hospital? Please feel to share them here in this post. Happy halloween!

haha. I remember when we had this topic a few months back and Kathleen Peralta avoided to read the full article as it was around midnight in the UK at the time she opened the topic. I don't have any new ghost stories from the hospitals to share but I have a funny "ghost story" to share. One of the doctors I work with turned off all the lights outside the OPD and hung a white coat at the end of the h...
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I agree with Md Shamim Reza I have never encountered such experience and never heard of these stories from healthcare professionals in my community. Although hospitals are places very familiar with fatalities, such beliefs are not so popular in the scientific field in my locality. Everything seems to go peacefully and everyone tries to focus on their job. These stories are more present in the psychiatric wards a...
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Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. Ghost!!! Really interesting. I have seen that in movies and in horror computer games. But I don't have a practical experience. I have never heard that kind of stories from my colleagues or patient. Most of the people of my country are afraid of ghost. There are so many horror stories which are told and believed . But hospital oriented stories are found in western countries, not here. However, I think ghost encounter stories are just result of hallucination or illusion. Those c...
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