Easy ways to build better bones  - Harvard Health

Easy ways to build better bones - Harvard Health

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There are many ways to build bone mass and reduce fracture risks. Weight-bearing activities and strength training exert force on the bones, which stimulates them to become stronger. Consuming calcium helps make strong bones, and taking vitamin D aids...
31 Oct 2016 - General
Great tips to avoid further deterioration of your bone integrity. Early detection is always better then cure. It allows you to identify the affected bone and causal factor early so that necessary actions can be taken and to avoid worsening of the conditions. Many hospitals have the capabilities to do this and spending that couple hundreds detecting, can save you thousands in the future.
Exercising will not only make the bones stronger but also tougher. the build up of cells increase as you...
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Thanks for sharing this Afaque Ali . Very useful indeed as our group is highly at risk to develop osteoporosis. Building greater bone mass will help us strengthen our bones and decrease the risk to make our bones brittle easily. It is not necessarily for us to drink these supplements because it will add up bulk and work to our kidneys too. It is always way better to consume the desired minerals and vitamins natur...
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