Overworked doctor coughs up blood after 32-hour shift in China

Overworked doctor coughs up blood after 32-hour shift in China

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While the shocking incident occurred in China, less serious yet highly stressful working conditions for doctors and other healthcare professionals in our part of the world demands urgent attention.
31 Oct 2016 - General
The life of a healthcare provider is never easy. We do not have regular working hours, we are overworked, and often we tend to live unhealthy lives. I am sure that almost each one of us have sacrificed a meal, sleeping hours etc for the sake of our patients. While it is unphysiologic, and inhumane, what can we do if there is nobody else to take care of our patients? The reality is worldwide, there is a problem in the healthcare industry because the number of patients does not match the number of...
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32 hours shift is really inhuman and all healthcare professionals must condemn such long shifts. The fatigue and stress of continuous 32 working hours along with stress from his post-qualifying examinations has caused his upper digestive tract to bleed. It is scary to listen then obviously it will be very scary for Dr. Zhang as well, he has coughed blood 5 times in 10 minutes and each a cough has a blood of 500 ml per time. Work stress has also affected the health care professionals in Singapore...
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The work of healthcare professionals is not easy. When you have to deal with prolonged work hours, the exhaustion and stress pile up, much to the person's destruction. My work in private practice is controlled by relatively finite clinic hours (that occasionally extend when need arises). Some people think my job is easy, but they do not know how hard it is to work on long procedures, with your neck and back and eyes, strained for hours. Sometimes I have my lunch at 6pm (just like last Saturd...
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