Can I survive Without A Dental Assistant?

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31 Oct 2016 - General

So today was supposedly my assistant's last day before she takes a maternity leave, but last Thursday she messaged to tell me that she was being rushed to the hospital, as she has gone in labor. I was in shock for a few minutes. I stared at the phone, imagined my jampacked Friday schedule and began to panic. You see, I cannot remember life without my assistant anymore. In 2010, she became part of the clinic and she has been my friend, my sidekick and at times I kid, she is my manager (the one in charge of my schedule). Haha. 

Days prior to her scheduled leave she has briefed me with clinic functions. In 2010 when I trained her, I transferred everything to her. Nowadays, she runs it independent of me (I am just the dentist, the one who signs forms, cheques and gives the go-signal). I have contemplated getting a reliever, but I am quite reluctant. So now, whilst having my quiet lunch break, I am asking that question again? Should I get a reliever?

Last Friday was chaotic. I had patients from 9am to 6pm and had my lunch at 6 in the evening. I had a scheduled surgery in the morning and was lucky enough to borrow my friend's time, because I needed someone to assist me. After he left, I was on my own and the reception area was packed with back-to-back patients. It was crazy. I was the dental secretary, the dentist, the assistant and on top of all of that, I had to do the cleaning. When I opened my first clinic in 2007, I didn't have an assistant. Things are different now and Friday was just a taste of what's to come because she'll be gone for a while. 

Meanwhile, she safely delivered her baby boy and I am so happy. But I miss her terribly. Waaaaaaaah! I I need my dental assistant. 



This is what happens when you become to be the boss, the assistant and everything. If the question is are you going to survive without an assistant, well the answer would I guess be a YES! It will just be very difficult to maintain and to struggle just to man the clinic. This will cause delay, too much workload for you and the efficiency of work will be lessen due to stress and overwork. On the other side, it will always be a good thing to have an assistant. Be there to help you out in everythin...
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