Overworked doctor coughs up blood after 32-hour shift in China

Overworked doctor coughs up blood after 32-hour shift in China

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While the shocking incident occurred in China, less serious yet highly stressful working conditions for doctors and other healthcare professionals in our part of the world demands urgent attention.
31 Oct 2016 - General
Wow i did not such things happened around us. All these demands at work are really catching up on us and squeezing every bit of our energy just because they are paying us a salary. It is okay, but to a certain extent. We are only human, and we need rest too. All the more we should be covered by a partner on and off during on-call periods as evening time is our usual time to rest. Condolences to the family of the late HCP who died in an road traffic accident due to fatigue. Its funny how these ki...
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Nai Yin Ho after I read this article,I felt sorry for this doctor and for anyone in his situation, it is very difficult to work continually without rest, it really affects doctors and patients.
Not just healthcare professionals should take a rest and their work should be managed , any worker in any field, to prevent the occurrence of any bad or harmful consequences.
Nothing will compensate our health and ...
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You Yi Hong well I am in residency training so yes I do work over 24 hours at 28+hours straight. I know a few hospitalists and they do over 24 hour shifts as well. Some ER post hospitalists who I have spoken to say a 24 hours shift is not feasible for them as they see too many patients so they go on 12 hours shifts instead. ...
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It is highly unbearable to work for continuous shift work without a break that a doctor work. In my opinion it is due to high and untol work pressure packed up up not only on doctors but also on all HCPs. The work load is generally more on doctors and nurses. The pressure so created due to increased flow of patients and reduced h3althcare professionals in the filed. In all Asian countries all HCPs are dissatisfied and packed with tedious and frustrated job roles. High load of work and less comp...
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Working a continuous 32 hours’ shift is unsafe for both the doctors and the patients. But, such a working hour is not uncommon in a lot of healthcare system. Overworked in a prolonged period may bring on a lot of stress to our body, mentally and physical, which may lead to some detrimental effect. The quality of patients’ care will be reducing when the healthcare professionals are mentally tired and exhausted. I would say a maximum hour of between 12-14 hours’ shift will be the more ideal workin...
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