Pharmacy value-added services: How good are they?

Pharmacy value-added services: How good are they?

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While the central role of the pharmacist is to dispense correct medicine to the patients, there is a need to extend pharmacy services as the overall roles and responsibilities evolve.
31 Oct 2016 - General
I think this is a good program that will make it more convenient for citizens to purchase their medications. It will definitely save more time and increase productivity among pharmacists and patients themselves. This is most especially helpful in busy districts wherein traffic is also a problem. Here in Manila, similar services are being offered by one of the major privately-owned drug store. However, compared to Malaysia's PVAS, their program is limited to placing orders via phone call. Des...
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Reading the article, I think taking on these pharmacy value-added services is a big step for Malaysia. Such value-added services like allowing for medication ordering via telephone, text or email with subsequent pick-ups makes it very convenient both for the patients and the pharmacy staff, as the patients do not have to wait in long lines,while the pharmacists and their assistants can prepare the medications ahead of time and not be stressed out by needy patients who are always in a rush. This ...
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