Medical misdiagnosis causes man to spend 43 years in wheelchair

Medical misdiagnosis causes man to spend 43 years in wheelchair

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A Portugese man finally re-learns how to walk after spending 43 years in a wheelchair due to a wrong medical diagnosis.
1 Nov 2016 - General
Habiba Twakkol It is evident that the patient life is healthcare professionals in some times. Exactly MIMS community doing the same thing where all HCPs working as a family for patient care towards better caring and sharing. Some times doctors will take if condition unrecoverable or complicated they will ask their team members, this is common. Drug research which may take around 20 years to complete starting fro...
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Madhubabu kaaja thank you for sharing this article, a cooperation between different elements will prevent us from falling in such an issue which may unfortunately leads to death.
Doctors,researchers in all fields of medicine, pharmacists and scientists all over the world should find a way so they can exchange their information, discoveries and knowledge and any discovery they reach should be announced publicl...
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Well the article downplayed Myasthenia gravis a tad there as it is as well incurable but treatable and to say it can be treated mere asthma medications is making it too mild. MG is an autoimmune disorder which can be controled by cholinesterase inhibitors, steroids and at times may need plasmapharesis or surgery if there is a tumor in the thymus gland. If you say by just asthma medications it makes it seem like the guy could just take ventolin and he is a-ok. It is however very unfortunate for t...
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This is an awful situation! Being misdiagnosed and being treated the way you are not supposed to be will haunt those people for the rest of their lives. 43 years is no joke, taking pills which you aren't suppose to be. You are adding injury to your kidneys man! Others being misdiagnosed having surgery when they aren't supposed to, that's a huge slash from their pockets too. I think the man who was able to walk in his 50's had finally accepted the situation and choose not to have ...
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