New chloride detection tool is more affordable and accurate

New chloride detection tool is more affordable and accurate

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A new tool from biomaterials scientists at Penn State University can be used to detect conditions like cystic fibrosis, metabolic alkalosis, Addison’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
1 Nov 2016 - General
This test can improve the sensitivity of detecting chloride in the body. The possible new gold standard can detect bromide and prevent false positives in the future. We have to give credit to the young individuals who have masterfully designed this test. What is more important is that they developed the test under the impression of being cost-effective. Unlike the traditional sweat test that can be done only in laboratories, this test promises to be more affordable, readily available, and can pr...
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The detection of chloride is a crucial step in diagnosing many disorders affecting the human body. The method proposed in this article seems to be quite promising. If this comes to effect soon, then it can be a boon to the people of the developing and the underdeveloped regions, especially those who cannot afford costly laboratory tests. The development of this new technique for the detection of chloride seems to be more affordable and such developments by the biomaterial scientists always open...
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