Despite new treatment for TB, WHO says efforts to combat disease are sorely lacking

Despite new treatment for TB, WHO says efforts to combat disease are sorely lacking

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World Health Organisation’s new report on tuberculosis shows that countries need to act faster to prevent and treat the disease in order to comply with global targets of eradication.
1 Nov 2016 - General
TB continues to be a public health challenge, especially in developing countries, compounded by HIV and even diabetes. While research and most efforts go into diagnosis and therapeutics (being the profitable aspect of disease management) equal attention should be provided to infection control and the misconceptions about the disease to curb further transmission of the disease, which complicates control and eradication efforts. People should be made aware that though infectious in nature, TB is...
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TB is a highly contagious strain that stays for hours in the hallway and is transmitted via droplets. We always advise health workers to wear N95 masks at all times when doing rounds with TB isolation ward. Unfortunately, this simple practise cannot be followed all the time due to poor N95 mask compliance (probably due to cost since a mask is priced at around 3 USD). TB cannot be merely eradicated with aggressive therapeutic measures. Since it is highly communicable, government authorities shoul...
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Yes, I am agreed. Though there are ongoing research on tuberculosis, that is not enough. Tuberculosis is a dangerous disease and there is lack of effective treatment. There are only few anti -TB drugs available and the drug resistance is rising. Multi drug resistant tuberculosis is an alarming problem. The fact is that it is prevalent in developing and underdeveloped countries. So the interest on tuberculosis is less among developed countries. But if the situation persists, the future will not b...
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WHO has published a global TB report every year since 1997 to assess the magnitude of the TB epidemic, and to monitor the progress in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease at global, regional and country levels. The latest analysis for these data shows that more efforts are needed to curb the spread of the disease. You could catch this disease by breathing in droplets that get into the air when infected people cough. The incident of the infected doctor in the US is really scary. Her...
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