Relationship between social worker and nurses

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1 Nov 2016 - General

It is no secret that at some hospitals, relations between nurses and social workers are not so pleasant in most places (for the record mine is so far so good), if there is any relationship at all. But turf battles are not inevitable, as long as roles are clearly defined and the right case management is in place. What is important is to define the function of each group. Whether you say that the nurses are going to do discharge planning, the social workers are going to do counseling and handle complex placement issues, or whatever it is, it's important that you really do differentiate it and everybody knows what the roles are. In fostering better relationships between nurse case managers and social workers, it's important to be sensitive to the needs of both groups.Another technique that helps foster a cooperative spirit includes the development of teams comprising nurses and social workers - which we do practise in Singapore in certain hospitals.

What are your country's practise?

Mark Edmon Tan I can relate to what you said about how some health services are "territorial". It is silly, but it happens, especially to those healthcare workers who have been employed for a long time. Anyway, I am in the agreement that the roles of nurses and social workers are well-delineated in our region and I have never encountered any conflict between them. Usually the communication lines are op...
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Alan Rosmadi In the Philippines, the role is often delineated and harmonious. Social workers are often called upon when discussing more of the financial aspect and role of other family members once they get home while nurses are definitely in charge of discharge planning and health advise. You have mentioned turf battles in this article. It is funny how some health services get territorial. It still happens here ...
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