Evidence is mounting that routine wisdom teeth removal is a waste of time

Evidence is mounting that routine wisdom teeth removal is a waste of time

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Most of us hardly notice our wisdom teeth coming through, but at some point in between middle school and university, many people living in the US or Australia are told we need to get them taken out.
2 Nov 2016 - General
Wisdom teeth and appendix both are considered unnecessary and at the same time, these are causing illness to all patients. Therefore in my views, they must not be extracted until they become painful and harmful. The removal of wisdom teeth is not an easy option rather it is a surgical procedure that needs local anesthesia, stitches, bed rest, and pudding. It is the very expensive procedure and it must be carried out if they become infected, started decaying, cyst formation, damage neighboring te...
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I had most of my wisdom tooth removed. Once i had surgery removing removing 2 wisdom tooth at a go. I do not see a need to ponder on this. If it hurts - get it fixed. Cause it would rather remove the aching wisdom and prevent all the infections and decaying from spreading. It might be a slight pain but what is going on underneath, is what we do not know. For the cases where wisdom teeth are impacted but are otherwise healthy, or don't have any symptoms at all, i guess why dentist extracted i...
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Waah! Thanks for sharing this information in the community Theekshana Abayawickrama . It made me realize that I should not take my impacted third molar too! hehe. Besides I don't feel any bothering symptom at all. In the Philippines we have cases in the hospital regarding multiple extranction of wisdom tooth and it is too expensive! Just imagine something has been taken out from you, but then you get to pay th...
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What are your thought on routine extraction of the wisdom tooth? Is it routinely practiced in your countries? I am no expert in dentistry, but as far as I know in Sri Lanka dentists do not advise people to get the third molar removed when it is not symptomatic. I wonder what the statistics are on this subject. Like the proportion of the population that get impacted wisdom teeth, or develop complications of it. (It is similar to the discussion on routine appendectomy. Not all gets appendicitis, a...
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