Patient in Japan burned during operation from fire sparked by flatus

Patient in Japan burned during operation from fire sparked by flatus

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The patient who was undergoing an operation became severely burned when the surgical laser equipment ignited a flame from the patient’s passing of intestinal gas.
2 Nov 2016 - General
Awww. This is an unintentional injury Mahmoud AbdelAziz . Nobody expects that it will happen especially to the woman who happens to pass an intestinal gas. However, as i read the article, i have noticed that errors like this is quite alarming. Since it was stated that their is an estimated 200 to 600 annually with cases of surgical fire. Do you have any experience in relation with this article Mr. Mahmoud? How ab...
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Ahhh, it will be very distressing and helpless condition for a woman who is being operated in operation theater. This incident happens in Japan where a patient severely burned by the ignition of the laser due to the passing of intestinal gas. It is found that when patient’s intestinal gas is leaked into space of operation, it is ignited with the irradiation of the laser, burning is spread and eventually reaching the surgical drape and causing a fire. Therefore safety measures are very necessary ...
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Oh My God!! I know this not supposed to be funny but it is unbelievable. The first glimpse on the headline may make many people laugh though. Usually, the patients’ intestinal movements are markedly reduced under general anesthesia and in some cases the patients have to wear diapers in the operation theatre. I remember one time I was standing in the operation theatre with an American surgical team and suddenly the oxygen cylinder exploded. The explosion was really strong ...
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