Healthcare professionals: Start walking more to get healthier

Healthcare professionals: Start walking more to get healthier

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Long hours and shift work makes it difficult for healthcare professionals to set aside time for exercise. Incorporating walking as a daily exercise could bring a good deal of benefit, in this case.
2 Nov 2016 - General
This is true, considering that we are all busy during our working shift. We usually don't have enough time for exercise. So, this is a great suggestion to take stairs over elevators. Through this we are promoting healthy lifestyle. Aside from that we are set as great example or model to others. Aside from that, we continue this kind of execise when we are at the mall and most of the time we chooses to walk over stairs than taking an escalators or elevators. We really find it fun for we enjoy...
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Healthcare professionals need to be on their best mental and physical status most of the time. That is why physical exercise is a golden rule to keep up the good performance and to endure the heavy duties of work. Since many sports may seem exhausting, competitive or time consuming, walking is the most perfect choice for sure. Unfortunately, the walking habits in Malaysia are not common to be witnessed. Perhaps that is because of the long distances, hot rainy weather and absence of convenient pe...
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Walking must be included in daily routine to stay healthy and active. For working professionals like health care professionals walking should be incorporated in daily routine. Although long working hours and shift work make it hard to get time for even light exercise or walking but it is necessary to do. It has been seen walking can reduce the risk coronary artery disease and strengthen the heart by lowering the levels the LDL and increasing the levels of HDL. Walking is also effective in diabet...
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