Travelling nurses as companions for the roving elderly

Travelling nurses as companions for the roving elderly

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Many elderly today have a desire to travel, but could be held back by concerns such as air travel fears and health conditions acting up while they are overseas. Medical travel companion services help alleviate these concerns.
2 Nov 2016 - General
Where can i apply to this kind of job? Seeing the world and earning at the same time? Hmmmn. Such a brilliant idea. Why not? I'd get this job roght away. Lol. But anyway, being with elderly people, securing their safety is the greatest priority. In previous topics here in Mims Community, i have read that theres this one nurse who accompany their patient when the patient wants to roam or stroll on the mall. That would be a great example just like this article tackle. You got a chance to chil...
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Madhubabu kaaja it is a great idea that there are companies affording such a great service for traveling abroad and it is also will be perfect if there is a local transportation for elderly with complicated health diseases.
Due to busy life it happens that your grandmother want to go out and you can't take her.
Travelers companion will have a great chance to see the world and experience another culture...
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I want to apply in this kind of job! hehe. Well while you are doing your duty of safeguarding your patient, at the same time you get to have the advantage of seeing the world too. Isn't it enjoyable that you are enjoying the sceneries at the same time earning? How I wish I can be like this someday. That is true that elderly nowadays are becoming adventurous and saved so much from their work and learning to enjoy life after retirement. Well that's life, not all of us is fortunate enough t...
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I think this is a really good idea, not just for elderly patients, but for other kinds of patients who need assistance as well when going places. A sickness, disability or old age shouldn’t stop anyone from traveling and exploring new places, and so as long as a patient is cleared by their physician to travel, having a nurse along with them for assistance and as a precautionary measure is good. The downside is that it is of course more costly as you are paying for an extra person plus the nurse’...
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I have seen the courageous elderly people who love to travel and want adventurous life by keeping themselves active, fresh and healthy. Few elderly succeed in their mission but others not and reason behind is the health state of elderly. The majority of aged people don’t have perfect health state, therefore, they are unable to do what they want. In-home the medical facilities for all chronic and acute illness are within easy reach than during traveling therefore even having a great desire for tr...
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