Hospital fires doctor for having cancer

Hospital fires doctor for having cancer

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Outraged that a hospital would fire a doctor for having cancer? Show your support.
2 Nov 2016 - General
What I just read is a plea of a doctor, fighting for her right to continue subspecialty training as a psychiatrist despite her illness. Like Theekshana Abayawickrama said, that line also struck me because as doctors we know what sacrifice means and it directly hits the core of our being when we see a colleague fighting her way through it. The article though, did not state why she was wrongly terminated. If she is...
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Well this is outrageous. Being diagnosed with cancer does not make someone less capable of being a doctor. "I had documentation of what I had been through since my diagnosis and proof that my performance was at or above average. Despite major surgery, tubes, drains, fainting, constant vomiting, and panic attacks I was still able to be a good doctor" This statement is really heart touching. We know how much a cancer patient has to go through, and this doctor of them all knows what she h...
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