Pharmacists: How to decide if a medication is safe for breastfeeding mothers

Pharmacists: How to decide if a medication is safe for breastfeeding mothers

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Pharmacists frequently receive enquiries on whether a medication is compatible with breastfeeding. There are many factors pharmacists should consider, and references they can refer to before making recommendations.
3 Nov 2016 - General
I think not only pharmacists but doctors should also take care of when prescribing drugs to pregnant women or a lactating mother. Many drugs are known for their teratogenic effects on the neonate when given to the breastfeeding mother. Such drugs can lead to severe skeletal as well as mental abnormalities. I think the government is very strict too for the dispense of these type drugs. However, it is important to be aware of the physical and chemical properties of these drugs and take care when d...
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Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan Majority of the medication avoided during 1st six months of baby born and if needed or any alternative not available medicines prescribed. It is keep in mind about lactation is one of the concern as like pregnancy to keep in mind to prescribe and dispense medicines by Physician and Pharmacist. I prefer PIL of the product. Many generic are available without PIL in those conditions I use...
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These are great tips for health care professionals when encountering questions about drug safety during breastfeeding! It’s great to know that there are very helpful and reliable sites and apps like LactMed and the database compiled by the World Health Organization. It’s also true that literature reviews and even drug leaflets may contain information about breastfeeding safety that is either conflicting or insufficient. Of course, its always better to avoid any medications when breastfeeding, bu...
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