New technology allows for diagnosis of skin cancer without biopsy at NCS Singapore

New technology allows for diagnosis of skin cancer without biopsy at NCS Singapore

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Doctors at the National Skin Centre have been utilising a new machine that uses confocal imaging for fast and painless diagnosis of skin cancer in patients.
3 Nov 2016 - General
It is interesting to know the new medical device using confocal imaging technology can help to diagnose skin cancer. But, I think this new device will function as 1 of the diagnostic tool to investigate for skin cancer. I believe the gold standard of diagnosis of a skin cancer will always be the histology from the biopsy or excision. This new device may be helpful when deciding on the needs of going ahead with biopsy. We also need to know about the sensitivity, specificity, negative predictive v...
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This discovery sounds very interesting. Typically, diagnosis of skin malignancy is done by histology. And skin biopsy is a rather painful procedure that many would not enjoy. Not to mention the cost the patients have to bear and the extra days of hospital stay and anesthesia. If this technology can identify up to 95% of malignancies that is great. But I am not sure to which extent this new technology could replace conventional skin biopsy. Although skin biopsy is an old diagnostic tool, patholog...
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Great news indeed. Biopsy is an invasive procedure and patient preparation is required. Many patients do not like it. Rather it is a time consuming process. If you can detect skin cancer without any painful intervention and harassment, people will definitely like it. The most hopeful fact is that it can be used as a screening method. Biopsy and histopathology can't be used in a screening program to detect malignancy at an earlier stage. But if this method can prove its efficacy, it can be a ...
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That is great news from Singapore’s National Skin Centre (NCS). Using modern gadgets has become a trend recently. The Singaporean scientists are trying to develop a new technology to detect skin cancer without the need for biopsy. Their mission is ambitious indeed and can be of huge benefit in screening for skin cancer. An easy, quick and comfortable test compared to the painful stressful biopsy. However, Skin biopsy will keep its significance as the most accurate and som...
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