Include disaster management training for nurses' as requirement for license renewal

Include disaster management training for nurses' as requirement for license renewal

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With natural disasters and calamities becoming more devastating, there has been a proposal to incorporate disaster-preparedness training in the requirements for the renewal of a Philippine nursing licence.
3 Nov 2016 - General
Yes I think this is important. I think nurses and all healthcare professionals have to be trained with readiness, in the time of disasters. I mean, it is different to be treating a patient in the hospital, when all settings are ideal. It is different when you're in the field, and everything is almost turned upside down. Years ago my bestfriend, then medical intern, was waiting outside the building for her then lawyer boyfriend to come out after bar examinations. That was the same year when a...
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I'd like to agree with Priscilla's point of views. As a nurse here in the Philippines, we are actually willing 100% to comply to all these requirements as long as they provide free of charge trainings. This kind of training will actually help us in improving our skills. There is no question with that. However, i believe that this would be another burden to nurses who are just volunteering on the public hospitals (who received nothing from their services offered) or yet if nurses received...
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I know that our country is always the target of calamities but to my great surprise we really hit the spotlight at number four! In every calamity, there will always be respondents such as the military and healthcare team. In our hospital, we have in service trainings and talks which already include this disaster management. I am not against having this training as a requirement before renewal of our licenses because as being said, it is to ensure that nurses possess or will possess the skills th...
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