5 difficulties Singaporean doctors face in tackling medical tourism

5 difficulties Singaporean doctors face in tackling medical tourism

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As the medical tourism industry rises, doctors in Singapore are paying more attention to these foreign patients seeking medical treatment in their country, but things are not always smooth sailing.
3 Nov 2016 - General
An encounter with medical tourists can really be challenging because of the reasons stated in the article. Clinical practice varies from country to country as guidelines for illnesses differ. It will be a hard sell for local doctors to request more expensive tests as patients resources are limited most of the time. Medical tourists cannot help but ask doctors from their country of origin if such tests are necessary and they might get discouraged if the local doctor says it is a waste of money. F...
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Medical treatment in any foreign land can be associated with many constraints. I think the difficulties mentioned in this article not only hold true for the Singaporean doctors but for the doctors of other countries also. To share the medical history and to keep up to the follow-up procedures can be a difficulty to any doctor when treating a foreign patient. In India too, as a dentist, I have also observed problems regarding the follow-up treatment for foreign patients. However, when treating a ...
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Madhubabu kaaja , thank you for sharing this article to be discussed,
Because of the efforts made by Singapore health sector, people from different countries travel to continue their examinations there and the steps taken by the ministry of health to improve the level of healthcare services are obvious.
As mentioned in the article "tourists face a time constraint in Singapore", I think a system s...
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