Consuming Energy Drinks On A Regular Basis May Cause Hepatitis

Consuming Energy Drinks On A Regular Basis May Cause Hepatitis

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A 50 year old man developed a condition called acute hepatitis after consuming energy drinks regularly for three weeks, this case was reported by Dr. Jennifer Nicole Harb of the University of Florida College of
3 Nov 2016 - General
Niacin-induced hepatotoxicity is associated with sustained intake of niacin and appears to be dose dependent. 500 mg dose of niacin can cause transient elevation of liver enzymes that will spontaneously resolve. Nonetheless, sustained high doses of niacin can still cause significant liver enzyme level elevation that leads to acute hepatitis. Some propose that this is caused by the effect of niacin on nicotinic acid receptors. In this article, it has been stated that the patient was consuming ene...
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I think there was a similar post on the community a few days back. Many of the HCPs gave their valuable comments. For me, I hardly consume energy drinks. Energy drinks, mineral added water contain added vitamins and minerals that may help to provide instant energy but may be harmful to the body. My alternative to energy drinks is fresh fruit juices like orange juice or even a lemonade. One can keep a bottle of fresh lemonade whenever one goes for sports. It helps to rehydrate the body and even g...
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