Rapunzel syndrome is no fairy tale: Hairballs found in woman’s stomach

Rapunzel syndrome is no fairy tale: Hairballs found in woman’s stomach

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Far from the tale of the long-haired heroine, Rapunzel syndrome describes a rare condition of digestive tract obstruction caused by mindless eating of hair.
3 Nov 2016 - General
Jemelyn Mae Sodusta
Psychological Effects – Trichotillomania will have a tremendous impact on your mental health, particularly if it is left untreated. Some of the psychological effects that may be experienced include:

Low self-esteem or poor body image due to hair loss and skin damage
Increased feelings of depression or anxiety
Feelings of shame and embarrassment
Finally, trichotilloman...
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Thank you Theekshana Abayawickrama Tahira Nawaz and Madhubabu kaaja for your thoughts. This is indeed a rare disease that needs more attention if seen they are ingesting their hairs. This condition is really a rare Psychological Disorder that cau...
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Well the question that I have is slightly different. Why would a person who compulsively ingests hair not get alarmed when symptoms of indigestion like excessive weight loss, constipation and a bloated tummy happens. I mean, she surely must have felt that it could be due her habit right? I don't know, for me if I feel unwell, I go back several days in my mind to figure what might have caused the trouble and often come out with an answer to the question. Anyhow glad that she is now doing ok...
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I have never heard about this disease named as “Rapunzel Syndrome” being a very rare disease. There are about 89 cases of Rapunzel Syndrome up till today and the first case was observed in 1968. Basically, it is psychological disorder in which patients (it is most common in females) pull out their own hairs and take hairs from their surroundings and compulsively eat them. On clinical findings, such patients have intestinal obstructions, vomiting, cachexia, and epigastric mass that may lead to vi...
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Have you heard of a "Rapunzel Syndrome?" Another day, another medical horror with a cute name. Occasionally, women experiencing abdominal pain go to the hospital to find that there are dark masses in their stomach. When they are opened up, doctors pull out cat-sized hair balls. Why? Because hair stays in our system for years without being digested. Generally, this is only a rare problem when a person compulsively eats, chews on, or sucks, their hair. Enough of i...
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