Two New Jersey doctors charged with sexual misconduct

Two New Jersey doctors charged with sexual misconduct

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While there are many good doctors, sometimes patients’ do end up abused by physicians. Two US doctors have lost their licenses because of allegations of sexual misconduct with at least six patients.
4 Nov 2016 - General
Yes, they need help from their unusual behaviour and as well as support from their families and friends. Marinelle Castro i am glad that this kind of incident doesn't happen in your worlplace and place.

Rajinda Asalage yes, being professional is you are able to maintain the distance and respect. If one did a miscondu...
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Being a medical doctor is a sort of peering into others life events. Why I am saying like that because we interview people who see us as strangers. Most of the time the history taking is the very first time they meet us. So when we take a history we are allowed to ask about the personal details too. We should not misuse the chance we have got. Because they see us as living gods and they reveal their privacy for the cure. Not to make use of them. So the gap between a doctor and a patient should b...
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Jemelyn Mae Sodusta Maria Cristina Inserto Any person who sexually abuse another person probably have some sort of perversion. It doesn't really have to be a medical professional, but of course, having a prestigious job makes it even worse! I'd like to think that these people are suffering from a psychiatric condition, be...
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I really don't know why doctors can do these things on patients, but I guess we have to remind ourselves that they're still human and they're still men. Perhaps being a doctor does not automatically remove these bad habits. You know what, without naming names, I heard that a dentist around my area is known to have lingering hands. It's so weird when I first heard it and thought it was a crazy rumor and then I heard it again, several times, but I don't know for sure. Apparentl...
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I don't understand why these two doctors risked their hard earned license for quick pleasurable moment. It is quite sad that patients trusted them and respected them in the degrees that they have achieved. However, they are the ones who make these reasons why patients are pushed to disrespect them. And thinking that it does not happen on the patients alone. Even their current and former employess are victims of these incident. They should be the one helping their clients not giving another ...
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