18 things they never told you about Med School

18 things they never told you about Med School

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4 Nov 2016 - General
Marinelle Castro Indeed. It would be impossible not to be grade conscious in medical school because everyone's goal is to pass each exam. It still holds true for our alma mater about base 65 as the means of computing grades. Finding the reading material for exams is very tricky and one must know the professor who is making the exam. Medical school lets you ride in a roller coaster of emotions everyday. One ha...
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Brings back the memories of medical school Mark Edmon Tan . Its true that medical students have to be grade conscious to a certain extent so that they know where they stand. I am not sure if this holds true for most medical schools, but during our time, there's what we call "base 65", which means that your grades are calculated relative to the performance of other people - - that's how they end...
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