Pharmacists: Tricks to deal with a potential drug abuser

Pharmacists: Tricks to deal with a potential drug abuser

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Drug abusers sometimes turn to pharmacies to purchase drugs and fund their addiction. How can pharmacists tactfully reject potential drug abusers?
4 Nov 2016 - General
Tahira Nawaz Thanking you for expressing your views on drug abuse which is one of serious event observed globally. Pharmacist and physician has to take care of the issue by controlling prescribing and dispensing of drugs. Pharmacist should not dispense prescription only medicines and habit forming drugs without a valid prescription and doctor should track dosage time from how long patient using and doctor can abl...
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Being a pharmacist I will deal such patients according to their condition and the drug they are using for such purposes. The pharmacist has a crucial role in supplying medications and they hold vulnerable position in saying “no” especially in the face of valid prescription. Pharmacists must identify potential drug abusers and don’t supply them their desire drug to stop drug abusing. Tobacco, alcohol and sedative agents are commonly available in most of the countries including Malaysia but street...
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