3 stretches to cure a sedentary workday

3 stretches to cure a sedentary workday

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Is your desk job putting your body out of business? Computers contribute to sedentary habits, and the majority of our workday is spent in front of one. Walking to a coworker’s cubicle has been replaced by instant messaging, and stretching your legs during your afternoon lunch break has been substituted with feasting while firing off emails. We all know that sedentary living is a hazard to your health, so I’ve created a simple, effective stretch routine to help you stand up, unplug and power up at the office. Back Hyperextension
4 Nov 2016 - General
Tahira Nawaz Indeed. We are living sedentary lives in the hospital. Not to mention that we have to sit down for prolonged periods once we get home because we have to study. haha. Being accustomed to poor posture has its health hazards and one of this is developing osteoarthritis at an early age due to abnormal weight distribution among joints. Another would be complaining of musculoskeletal pain, especially the i...
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Almost all health care professionals have sedentary lifestyle as majority of workday spent either watching patients or sitting in front of computer. There is also a major role of technology in limiting the activity of professionals as if Doctor want to talk to nurse he will made a call to nurse instead of visiting his/her cubicle. This sedentary living has worst hazards to the health. The light exercise and stretches mentioned in the article are good to combat this sedentary living. It involves ...
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