Teamwork in nursing: How to be a team player in your unit

Teamwork in nursing: How to be a team player in your unit

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As nurses and other healthcare providers work to meet their client’s needs, demonstrating a high level of teamwork could make their job flow more efficient, ultimately improving the quality of patient care.
4 Nov 2016 - General
TEAM-Together Everyone Achieves More. m work is an efficient and effective way or dealing a task which is required when working all together and is best suited for health care professionals also. A task some times required by more than one people like for example a critical surgical operation. Surgeon,asst doctor,anaesthetist,nurses etc... performs like team for successful operation. A surgeon alone never do operation. Team spirit gives confidence for individuals to deal a simple or complicated ...
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Every profession needs teamwork to perform well and good in every community and health care setting. When we talk about nurses, they need a high level of teamwork for the efficient flow of their work and high quality of patient care. It is not necessary that the team is comprised of the same profession rather team builds up with different professions including nurses, doctors, nutritionists and physical therapy specialist. For a good team work player, he/she must have a variety of qualities in d...
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