14 Surprising Health Benefits Of Wine

14 Surprising Health Benefits Of Wine

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More than just being heart-healthy, wine has a slew of surprising health benefits. Learn how wine helps improve skin, helps protect your teeth, prevents stroke and diabetes.
4 Nov 2016 - General
Marinelle Castro Drinking red wine really has a lot of benefits. Some cardiologists I know advocate regular moderate drinking of red wine because of resveratrol. Resveratrol provides a lot of health benefits to organ systems with the heart being well-documented as the ultimate beneficiary. It has also been known to retard aging and some celebrities began bathing in red wine in New York already. People in the Phil...
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Wow! This article offers a very comprehensive list of the benefits of wine. I was only aware of some of its benefits until I read this post! I personally prefer white wine over red wine that's why I might not be able to enjoy some of its benefits. The effects of red wine on cardiovascular health has been continuously emphasized, and a lot of specialists recommend this as an alternative drink for other alcoholic drinks. In our country wine is not as popular because of the tropical weather. Bu...
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This is very good news especially for those who love to drink wine once in a while. Studies suggest that moderate wine consumption may actually be good for the health. Red wine contains anti-oxidants that combat free radicals in our body which are thought to cause certain diseases like cancer. It also inceases the levels of HDL (high density lipoprotein), the good cholesterol, which is beneficial to our cardiovascular system. Hope you'll enjoy this article as much as I did. What are your th...
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