Genes for dreaming identified by a new study!

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4 Nov 2016 - General

The researchers have identified two genes for dreaming and poor sleep conducting a research by using 8000 mice and they hope that it will be helpful to improve new treatment methods for the sleeping disorders in humans. It is found that rapid eye movement sleep (REM sleep) accounts 25% of the sleep and it is characterized by the sleep with a brain activity and dreaming is a part of it. 75% of sleep is non rapid eye movement sleep which is characterized by reduced activity of the brain and non dreaming. Sik3 gene is responsible for NREM sleep according to this new study and it will be helpful to modify the treatments for the sleeping disorders.

I wonder if there is a gene for lucid dreaming! Lucid dreaming is something that I'm really amazed about. I wish I could lucid dream but it is not as easy as it sounds. There are tutorials on how to lucid dream but it takes a lot of time and so much patience and still some people are unable to lucid dream. Perhaps these genetic basis behind dreaming could be the reason for that. Who knows, maybe people who do not possess a particular gene that is responsible for dreaming is unable to lucid d...
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