News Bites 2: FDA approves smart stethoscope for home use,  Itemised bills for Chas to start in 2017

News Bites 2: FDA approves smart stethoscope for home use, Itemised bills for Chas to start in 2017

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News Bites brings you 5 weekly news in bite-sized forms. This week, researchers have developed bio-sensing threads that can be used as post-surgery diagnostic tools while in Singapore, a hospital has been awarded the HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 award.
4 Nov 2016 - General
The smart stethoscope sounds like a great device. I hope that other similar diagnostic medical devices as well are made available to patients to easily connect to their computers. This would allow easy transfer of information and patient data over the internet, especially for physical assessment data since this is where telemedicine currently has its limitations. Implantable threads are another great development and could mean easier access to more accurate information on various parameters in t...
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A very good article. Thanks for sharing. Although I can agree with most of the things mentioned in the article, I am not sure about the usability of smart stethoscope. I really can't think how a smart stethoscope can be helpful in managing a patient remotely. I mean yeah you could listen to one of your patients' heart beat from a distance, and can probably detect lung sounds and advise the patient to get admitted to the hospital for care. But for a proper assessment the patient has to b...
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I am very happy to read that such developments are being made in the healthcare sector. The Malaysian government has taken quite effective steps in boosting the healthcare sector as well as making it technology friendly. The acceptance of digital stethoscope will expand the market of telemedicine and also provide great benefits to patients to get easy care at home. Also, FDA approving the use of devices that can prevent the occurrence of stroke will surely be beneficial. Also, the use of nanosen...
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