Could Working Out Before Breakfast Help You Lose Weight?

Could Working Out Before Breakfast Help You Lose Weight?

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People who workout before they eat breakfast may burn more fat during their workout, and then go on to eat less all day long, than those who fuel up before their morning run.
5 Nov 2016 - General
Marinelle Castro It has been preached for a long time that skipping breakfast can lead to binging later during the day indeed. This study shows otherwise. Exercise was proposed long ago to have an appetite suppressing effect but documentation was scarce. The article reveals that people who exercise consume 900 fewer calories a day. That could spell the difference between losing and gaining weight. Moreover, this ...
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Mark Edmon Tan This study is really interesting. Its been awhile since the "eating breakfast" controversy has been revisited. There has been an old adage to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. However, based on what I've gathered, and it also seems illogical to me to eat heavily after a prolonged fasting state. Because of this, I don't recommend eating a hea...
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I would like to share with you this interesting article I came across with which opposes everything I believed in about daily morning work outs and the benefits of eating breakfast. I guess, logically speaking, if you don't eat and exercise more, you tend to lose weight easily. Can you share your thoughts about working out on a fasted state? Some people might actually find this appealing especially those who are on a crash diet and need to lose weight fast. Of course, medically speaking, thi...
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