Nurses: Avoid negative consequences of over-washing hands

Nurses: Avoid negative consequences of over-washing hands

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As a nurse, regularly washing your hands is unavoidable and could result in skin damage. Here are some tips to improve your dry hands.
5 Nov 2016 - General
I don't know how many times I wash my hands in a day as it is quite countless. Aside from washing my hands for procedures, though at times I use sterilium instead, I wash my hands every in between seeing patients. On the note of washing hands bet...
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Hand washing is truly unavoidable when you’re in the health care profession, especially if you get in contact with patients almost every moment of the day. While we could neglect our skin due to very hectic schedules, its also good to take time to no...
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Good hand hygiene, regular hand washing from patient to patient is very important to prevent the spreading of hospital acquired infections among the patients. Sometime, we do use the alcohol based hand sanitizer as well. I would agree that excessive ...
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That is true Madhubabu kaaja. During my duty days, we can't avoid the fact that we over wash our hands more often. We only knew it when we feel that our hands turns dry and sometimes it ...
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