Smoking Causes Long-Lasting Damage To Human DNA, Study Says

Smoking Causes Long-Lasting Damage To Human DNA, Study Says

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Consuming a pack of cigarettes every day for a year can cause multiple changes in cells within various parts of the body, according to the study. The cells in parts of the body that are directly
5 Nov 2016 - General
Here are some tips to quit smoking. Do it!
1. Choose a Quit Day. Pick a day that is not stressful for you so that you can prepare yourself. It can be your birthday, your anniversary, or even just the first day of the month.
2. Don't Quit ...
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Cigarette smoking will cause a lot of adverse health effects to the body!!! Quit smoking is not an easy task for the chronic smoker. Smoking will increase the risk of lung cancer and chronic obstructive lung disease. Smoking will increase the risk of...
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As we all know smoking is very injurious for our health and it is also a fact that all smokers don’t want to quit smoking even after knowing that it is bad for their health. A new research has shown that consuming a pack of cigarette daily for a year...
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Smoking is a type of bad habit which has no advantage. You may get a little usefulness from some other addiction, but nothing from smoking. It produces a lot of anti oxidants and toxic products which damage cell DNA directly and indirectly. Some of t...
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