Leading the countdown to patient safety

Leading the countdown to patient safety

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Building a culture of patient safety is a lot like space flight, in that key lessons can be learnt from disasters, writes Lloyd Mudiwa
5 Nov 2016 - General
Unfortunately, I couldn't access the entire article because it requires an account. Nevertheless, patient safety is the primary goal of every health care provider. In medicine, there is an old adage that holds true until today, "Primum non n...
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In my point of view, despite all the known power of modern medicine to cure illnesses, hospitals were not safe places for healing. Instead, they were places fraught with risk of patient harm. One important response to this realization has been the gr...
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Patient safety is a very important issue in each healthcare system around the world. As we know, any mistake can happen when we are working in a busy and potentially stressful environment. Some of the morbidity and mortality in hospital are preventa...
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