Analyzing earworms: Why does that tune get stuck in your head?

Analyzing earworms: Why does that tune get stuck in your head?

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What makes a tune so catchy that it won't leave your brain? New research analyzes the data and answers this age old question. The brainworm is tamed.
5 Nov 2016 - General
Haha, quite an interesting topic! Some songs can be alright to have in your head again and again, yet some get really bothersome. Like what Maria Cristina Inserto said, it gets funny when your companion gets stuck with a tune because of you! AS for getting the earworm out of your head, some friends say that singing another tune may be able to make you forget the initial song stuck in your head, but make sure that ...
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We call it an LSS or last song syndrome---and yes, it is quite annoying when a tune gets stuck in your head, especially if it is a bad one. Sometime you'll have the tune in your head for a day and cannot escape it. Then it's funniest when you were the one listening to something, and your companion suddenly gets stuck with a tune. They get stuck and so they blame you and it's funny. I've always thought it had to do with the rhythm and certain notes of the songs because not songs h...
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While earworms might be annoying, most people who experience them report that they are pleasant or at least neutral. Only some people are disturbed by the song in their head.
Musicians or those who report music is an important part of their life are more likely to have frequent earworms. It makes sense that musicians may be more prone to earworms; part of perfecting one’s skills at a musical instrument is repetition.
Earworms often take the form of song fragments rather than entire song...
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It is very interesting research about a very curious point that arises in our mind when we listen music and sometimes a tune get stuck in our head or mind. The catchy tune that we cannot get out of our head and it becomes very addictive for us is pleasant and refreshing each time. A new research is carried out to listen what brain does when it listens to such melodies and how they stuck in mind. These melodies are commonly known as Ear-worms and scientifically they are called as involuntary musi...
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