Pathology as a crucial puzzle piece in curing diseases

Pathology as a crucial puzzle piece in curing diseases

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Pathology and its various sub-specialities is a relatively mysterious field in medicine that has the potential to provide suitable treatments to multiple diseases by investigating tissues at a microscopic level.
6 Nov 2016 - General
Pathology provides direct evidence regarding the diagnosis and the disease process. Without pathology, it will be difficult to diagnose malignant conditions. It also helps in prognostication for various illnesses. I was a medical technologist before ...
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You can't treat a disease properly if you don't know why and how it is occuring. To understand a disease you need to have a clear understanding of the underlying Pathology. So, Medicine, as a subject, is dependant on Pathology. If you know th...
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Many believe that pathology is the root of all modern and scientific medicine. The history of pathology can be traced to the earliest application of the scientific method to the field of medicine, a development which occurred in the Middle East durin...
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